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Stab Hinge production - Shows completed hinge assembly test fit into spar. Because of metal thickness and interlocking requirements of the two pieces, each hinge half had to go through several processes to be formed.


P-26 stab hinge - this photo shows the form block sitting on the metal plate holder (for stretch forming) and a piece stretch formed before being hand formed to final shape.


Elev Tip Stretched Formed - This photo shows a piece of .020 2024-0 aluminum stretched formed. This piece still needs hand working/forming, heat treat and then will be installed on the inside tip of the elevator.


P-26 #2 - Fuselage #2 showing cockpit cowl and panel behind the headrest formed, drilled and dimpled/countersunk. Next step will require deburring and painting before skin is riveted on. Work is done on this fuselage when a break is necessary from formin

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