Updated: 09-20-2017

Made all the elevator and rudder hinges....and then when I tested the bearing fit I didn't like the amount of grip area to hold the bearing in place. Evidently, Boeing used a tighter radius with the 2017 metal than I can with 2024 allowing for more grip area. Contacted my CNC shop in the Philippine's and sent them prints to machine out the hinges. During the first week in August went to the Philippine's and picked up the second set of wheel pant skins, elevator and rudder hinges along with both headrest face pieces. Also picked up 20 castings (1 windshield piece, several flap gearboxes and the rest were flap and wing parts). Been working on second fuselage drilling out any rivets that weren't acceptable or smooth. Shimmed as needed and re-riveted. Will continue on second fuselage while waiting for last horizontal stabilizer fittings to be machined. Then it will be time to start assembly of the tail pieces (4 horizontal stabs, 4 elevators, 2 vertical stabs and 2 rudders). A few more gear pieces have to be machined before both fuselages can be put on the gear (I can't wait!). Till next time...

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