Updated: 11-25-2018

Been a crazy time during the last 12 months. Unfortunately, 2 deaths in the family slowed things down a bit. As for what has been done... a lot of hardware has been purchased - found that some sizes were getting very hard to find! The gear forks parts (making a box structure fork) have been cut out of 4130 steel. A few more pieces still need to be water jet cut and then joggled and welded. The treadles (gear steering arms) were manufactured and are ready for prime. The tailwheel assy's were removed and are going through modifications to make it easier to install and remove. The lubrication spider for the assembly is in work. The tsilwheel halves have been chemically treated and painted with new tires and tubes installed. Brake master cylinder hold mount has been designed and a wood form for casting has been made and shipped to the foundry. Flap bearing brackets have been installed on the rear stub spar and the bearing housing that fits in them is being machined. Reamed the holes for the control stick mounts. Cockpit adjustable lights and their respective housings have been fabricated. The cockpit red light above the rudder pedals has been fabricated. Received second airplane windshield cast frame from the foundry overseas. Installed baggage compartment brackets and hold tube. Elevator and rudder machined fittings arrived and need priming and bearing installation. Custom fuel selectors arrived and brackets are being made for installation on the firewall. 2019 will be a year of building and assembling numerous parts. Photo's will be posted every other month. Happy Holidays!

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