Updated: 12-25-2016

Been a while since I have updated the site. Been working on the horizontal and vertical stabilizer hinges. The horizontal hinges require an upper and lower section, hand formed over blocks so they taper slightly where they rivet to the spars. In addition the left and right side hinges slope opposite of each other. Fortunately, there is not a left and right for the vertical hinges, but, as can be seen in the photos more parts are involved. To add to misery all have to fit together within +/- .002. Rudder horns should be finished and will be sent from the shop shortly. Another bamboo bomber (UC-78) strut was procured so spare parts for the strut cylinders will be available. (Only the strut cylinder is to be used - the fork is being made from scratch and is similar to the Spartan gear fork box assembly rather than an "I" beam forging that the original used). All dimensions are the same as the original design so if someone in the future wanted to spend $50K to get a forging made - it will fit right in! All gear engineering work has been completed. A couple months ago received 4 new elevator horns from the Philippines. The first 4 had too little material around the bushing hole on the top and bottom of the fitting (pics have been uploaded). A little research revealed the XP-936 made their prototype with the same edge distance and they failed in testing at Wright Field! Boeing then added material to the horns and the problem was solved. In my case, the machine shop had the latest design with the added material, but, they programmed the CNC incorrectly! Purchased 16 nav light assmblies, found another oil cooler and all the instruments for the second aircraft. Continuing to make the elevator and rudder hinges... but, that truly is a story for another time! Merry Christmas!

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